December 29th, 2014

Christmas eve was INTERGALLACTIC!  Special thanks to our bingo host DJ Fader who set the tables on fire in between handing out prizes to all our winners. Its was a blast from start to finish.

But heres where we really get down to business,  because the New Years is a couple of days away and you know we need to send it off with a BANG!

This year we are gonna have GERI X and THE GALBRAITH GROUP rocking the way into 2015. No cover charge, of course. Festivities begin at 9pm and run all night long with a free champagne toast at midnight so you can feel nice and miserable on the biggest hangover day of the year. We got’chu covered ;-).

‘Tis The Season!

December 22nd, 2014

Join us Christmas Eve to find out if you’re truly NAUGHTY or NICE. “Not Your Grandmother’s Bingo” hosted by DJ FADER with prizes and giveaways and all types of Christmas treats. We will also have The Tasty Taco food truck outside.


NEW YEARS EVE we’ve got a wonderful amount of live music to properly kick off your New Years Day hangover:



Complimentary glass of champagne at midnight and drink specials all night!

Horror Trash!

December 2nd, 2014

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