August @ Orbit 19

August 28th, 2013

This month, we are keeping with tradition, and providing an excellent lineup of live music for you to enjoy. I mean, why break the streak right? You know Orbit 19 is the best place in the area to find new, upcoming live music, as well as providing a venue for more established acts and bands. And this month is no different. Check it out…


Friday, August 2 –

From right up the road in New Port Richey comes Figments, a Noise Rock/Art Rock/Soul-based band.  Put it this way: if you took James Brown, Vagabond Swing, Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, The Dead Milkmen, of Montreal, Parliament, and Marvin Gaye and threw them all into a blender, poured the contents into a tall glass, and garnished with a slice of on-stage antics and a be-costumed spectacle, you’d get Figments. Stop on in and check out a show that you just have to see with your own eyes.


Friday, August 9 –


Orbit 19 is proud to present two of our favorite local acts, both on one incredible night.

First up is Tampa’s Samurai Shotgun. If you like The Roots, The Mars Volta, N*E*R*D, Incubus, or heck, just good hip hop, you will love these guys. Guitars, bass, drums, keys, and turntable are all represented here. These guys are a fantastic mashup of musical genres.

Rounding out the night will be Fla All Day. From right down the road in Tarpon Springs, this hip hop act is quickly gaining lots of local buzz and are becoming an Orbit 19 favorite. Heavily influenced by 90’s hip hop and rap, Fla All Day prides itself on honoring the past while blazing into new territory with their unique in-house recording process, striving to create new soundscapes


Friday, August 23 –

St. Pete’s own Trigger City Trio comes up this way to bring their funky rock jams straight to you.  Equally comfortable performing rock, blues, funk and soul their specialty is creating unique twists on familiar songs and writing catchy originals that defy conventional genre lines. Despite having influences spanning many decades, TCT’s music always sounds fresh and never bland or derivative. These guys make a lot of noise for a three piece.

Also appearing will be The Party Machine. Normally the Machine hangs out on Mondays for open mic night with Stick Martin, but for this very special occasion, the acoustic duo will venture out. They’re probably going to tone down the antics for this one, but no one ever knows what those boys are gonna do.


So there you have it. Another great lineup of shows in August at Orbit 19. We’ll keep lining up the great live shows, amazing cocktails, and great atmosphere, and you keep coming in and hanging out with us. Deal?

July @ Orbit 19

August 28th, 2013

Can you guys believe it?

10 years.

10 incredible years here at Orbit 19.

That’s right, this month we celebrate our 10th anniversary! We’ve had some amazing times during those ten years – fantastic, blow-the-roof off parties, incredible bands and acts, and thousands and thousands of customers that have become our friends and family.

So, we’re just going to lay low for our 10-year party. Maybe just put on a few party hats and blow out some candles or something. Real low-key.


We are blowing UP this year! We are gonna kick into our second decade with the greatest party in the history of everything. Orbit 19 is proud to announce that headlining our 10th Anniversary Party will be the world-famous surf-rock group Man or Astro-man? !!!


That’s right – the iconic, legendary, surf rock legend will grace our stage to help us celebrate 10 fantastic years.  They are one of the most popular and prolific surf/punk bands in the world, and they are here with us! We could not be more excited.

Their live show is an absolute spectacle, complete with costumes, props, incredible music, and a freaking theremin! On fire!

Also appearing will be Thee Vaudevillains, who will put a special sci fi twist on their already sizzling burlesque review.

We will have giveaways, prizes, and out-of-this-world drink specials all night long.

So put on your space suit, strap in, and get ready to blast off with us at Orbit 19 for the party of the decade… AND BEYOND!

June @ Orbit 19

August 28th, 2013

Well, summer’s here. I’m sure we didn’t need to tell you that, though.  Just step outside for 3 milliseconds and it’s obvious. So that’s why we want to make Orbit 19 the coolest place for you to stop in and beat the heat. Well, we have A/C and ice cold drinks, but that’s not what we meant by “cool.”  Here, check out this month’s lineup of shows and it will be obvious…


Saturday, June 1 –

Drummer Michael Murphy and guitarist/singer/songwriter Brian Yoder make up the group Brazos The Rat. This duo out of Sarasota utilizes a three-track loop pedal to create incredible music live and in real time on stage.For fans of Pavement, Ugly Casanova, Animal Collective, etc.  From their bio: “Anyone who gets their jollies from a passionate and energetic live show, as well as those who like to get a little dirt on their explorative emotional shovels when digging through an artist’s narrative and personal intention will surely be full enough to loosen up the belt a notch after a proper introduction.” Damn! Sounds good to us! Also on the bill is Orbit 19 favorites and Florida’s own The Mother Machine. Self-described as ” an experimental, dreamy, psychedelic, rock band out of Orlando, Florida. The Mother Machine blends visual art with heavy melodic sonic stimulation…”

An incredible night of music you won’t want to miss.


Friday, June 14 –

From right around the corner in Dunedin comes Shoeless Soul. This funky jazzy trio brings with them a desire to make you tap your foot and shake your ass. Their sound has been described as feel-good pop-fusion, jazzy-reggae jam, or more recently “Prozac-Pop”. They’ll be playing multiple sets, so come check them out any time of the night!


Friday, June 21 –

The Florida Kilos roll into town with their signature blend of surf rock and pop. Armed with vintage guitars, amps, and drums, you’ll be transported to the surf-crazy days of yore. This three-piece act is relatively new to the scene, but have already made waves (get it!?!).

Also appearing will be The Novarays from Orlando. They bring their rocking style of garage/rockabilly. Go ahead, ask them what they sound like – you’ll get something like this in return: “Fender, Fender, Fender….Twangy, Reverby, Minor chordly, happy, beachy, drippy, cheesy, meaty, sweaty, romantic, rocking and then some. Astronauts, rednecks…Ave. A, Lil 5 points, Miracle Strip Amusment Park. To be continued…”. Well alright! I’m intrigued!

And if this night wasn’t cool enough already, we are proud to have Miss Vita Devoid here with us again and her troupe of Vaudevillains, an exciting group of young ladies skilled in the art of burlesque.. There’ll be tassles and classic pin-up beauties gracing our stage teasing and titillating everyone. Is it getting hot in here?

Yes it is.